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Tea break - tips and tricks

Perhaps you think of YouTube as full of music videos and comedy clips — but it’s worth looking again as there are lots of useful soft furnishing and upholstery resources to be found too.

MyDecozo have posted more than 30 videos on various topics, their roman blind tutorial has had over 500,000 views and lots of positive feedback. They have also produced shorter clips about topics like inserting zips, making curtains and working with piping.

Many suppliers to the industry have posted clips about their products too — a great way to understand the features of a particular blind mechanism or curtain track. There are also short product videos that can be useful to show customers.

Forum members have found the most useful type of video is where professionals share their best tips and tricks — perhaps working with invisible zipping, how to create neatly turned corners or different techniques to attach a trim. Some also share virtual tours of their own workrooms.

YouTube channels to check include The Workroom Channel and Kim’s Upholstery (both from the USA) but you can also simply go to the YouTube homepage and search for the company or topic you are looking for. In the UK several AMUSF members have also posted videos showing tips and full tutorials.

Once you have found one video, the site will also suggest others that might be of interest.

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