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Frequently Asked Questions
What is covered in a Guide?
All the guides are written in a clear and easy to understand style. They are aimed at people who have already mastered basic curtain and blind making and are looking to move on to more challenging techniques. Where applicable they share detailed, up to date information and instructions which have been gathered in real workrooms based in the UK.
Where a guide is described as ‘how to make...’ it will include instructions and photographs to make the item yourself. Other guides do not include actual instructions, but describe the choices and options available on a certain item or topic. Wherever possible, colour photographs are used to illustrate the information.
How long are the Guides?
The Guides vary in size from one or two A4 pages to 8 or more. The number of pages depends on how many photographs are included, and the complexity of the topic.
How can I pay for a Guide?
All payments are taken securely via PayPal .
How is a Guide delivered?
Once you have selected and completed payment for the guide(s), you will be emailed an exclusive link to allow you to download the file(s). This will happen within 24 hours of the order being successfully processed. Downloading a file will take a matter of minutes (dependent on the speed of your internet connection).
What format are the Guides supplied in?
All the guides are in PDF format and require a reader from Adobe. Most computers and tablets have this installed, but a reader can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe website.
Can I read a PDF on a Mac?
Yes, as long as you have the appropriate reader installed.
Can you supply a paper copy?
The guides are only available as PDF downloads, but they are easy to print from your device.
How can I contact The Virtual Workroom?
You can contact us using our online form.
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