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Half Drop Patterns
5 pages, 1.8Mb

This short Guide explains what a half drop pattern repeat is, and gives a straight forward method for calculating and cutting fabric to make curtains and blinds.

With colour photographs.

How to Make a Hidden Tab Heading
7 pages, 2.5Mb

A hidden tab heading is often seen on ready made curtains and is not hard to create in the workroom. No special materials are required once you have the window and pole measurements.

Making Plaited Tiebacks
7 pages, 3.3Mb

A few years ago plaited tiebacks were very popular. If you get asked for one now, you might not be able to find a detailed method for a good quality finish. These instructions are for a three-band tieback, but the same method can be used with five strips or more to make a wider tieback which may be more in proportion for long curtains.

Includes step by step method with colour photographs.

Calculating Pleats
8 pages, 1.4Mb

When working on calcuations for a hand-pleated curtain, it is important to understand certain terms and how the different values in the calculation relate to each other. Once mastered, this will help you confidently determine how much fabric to order and how to make curtains that fit beautifully.

NB. This Guide does not include instructions on how to make a curtain panel or stitch a hand pleated heading.

Understanding ‘Wave’ Curtains
8 pages, 1.7Mb

‘Wave’ headed curtains are a popular contemporary style and are easy to use. This Guide explains what they are, things to consider when making them, and also details some of the systems on the market.

With colour photographs.

Making a Contrast Border Bed Throw
5 pages, 2.4Mb

A bed throw is a great way to introduce a contrast colour or design into a bedroom scheme. This guide explains how to make a simple throw with a contrast backing which is brought forward to create a mitred border.

With colour photographs.

Using Stripes on a Quartered Cushion
4 pages, 2.2Mb

Striped fabrics can be used to create interesting effects on cushions by cutting, turning and joining pieces. This guide works with foundation squares and explains how to use them to make a cushion cover.

With colour photographs.

Pleating Curtain Headings to Pattern
13 pages, 2.2Mb

Once you have mastered variations of the hand pleated curtain heading, you may be interested in planning the pleats and spaces to work with the horizontal repeat of the pattern on the fabric.

This guide discusses what to consider when planning to pleat to pattern and gives example calculations. Includes photographs.

Setting Up a First Workroom
6 pages, 0.5Mb

If you are able to have a room dedicated to sewing, this guide suggests the tools and equipment you will find useful.

Understanding Eyelet Curtains
5 pages, 0.5Mb

This guide explains how eyelet headed curtains are made and outlines the different options available for adding the eyelets to the curtain.

Using Metal Ring Curtain Eyelet Tape
6 pages, 2.3Mb

How to make curtains with eyelet tape that has metal rings pressed into it and snap-on plastic eyelets, eg. Murtra tape. With photographs.

Using Solar Curtain Eyelet Tape
6 pages, 2.1Mb

How to make curtains with Rufflette ‘Solar’ eyelet tape and clip-together plastic Jupiter rings. With photographs.

Linings and Interlinings - a guide
4 pages, 0.2Mb

An explanation of the different kinds of linings and interlinings available to curtain makers.

Handmade Heading Glossary
10 pages, 3.5Mb

A directory of various handmade pleated curtain headings including photographs and explanations of how they are constructed.

Making a Pattern for a Tapered Drum Lampshade
4 pages, 0.2Mb

How to make a pattern for a ‘coolie’ style firm lampshade.

Making a Decorative Quilted Strip Cushion Cover
6 pages, 3.1Mb

An introduction to machine patchwork and quilting to create a cushion cover. With photographs.

Making a Simple Bordered Cushion
5 pages, 6.9Mb

How to make a square zipped cushion cover with a narrow stitched border. Includes setting a zip into a seam. With photographs.

Roman Blind Worksheet
1 spreadsheet, 17Kb

An Excel spreadsheet which takes the width and drop of your roman blind (in centimetres) and works out fabric and lining requirements, rod spacings and allows you to input your material costs and calculate a total.

It also has sections to calculate labour charges per square metre and the staggered rod spacing to make a cascade roman blind.

Requires Microsoft Office Excel® or compatible software.

Using a Micro Tagging Gun
3 pages, 0.4Mb

A tagging gun is a tool commonly used by quilters to temporarily tack layers of fabric and wadding together.

It can also be a very useful addition to a curtain workroom.

Making a Round Gathered Cushion
5 pages, 3.1Mb

How to make a round gathered cushion cover with a piped edge and fixed central button.

With photographs.

Making a Straight Pelmet
7 pages, 2.8Mb

This guide shows one way of making a hard pelmet with a straight lower edge. It uses padded plywood and is held on to the pelmet board using hook and loop tape.

With photographs.

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