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Tea break - tips and tricks

Sometimes you will work with windows where you want to fit a pelmet inside the window recess, or inside a dormer window.

The top edge can still be attached to a board or batten with Velcro, but what do you do to hold the ends in place?

You want to make sure the board cannot ‘swing’ and the walls may be slightly uneven and cause gapping or light bleed.

These are some suggestions to try:

  • Top fix some small brackets to the pelmet board so that they hold the face in place.
  • Fix short ‘legs’ of batten to each end of the board to support the face of the pelmet from behind.
  • Cut the pelmet face board/plywood slightly short and extend each side with Pelmform or stiff buckram to the finished length required. Make up the pelmet as normal. Then when fitted, the outside edges will flex very slightly and fit snugly against the wall.
  • Make bagged out strips of face fabric and attach them to the back of the pelmet at both ends. Once it is in place, staple or tack the strips to the wall.
  • Make the pelmet as normal, but with narrow returns, e.g. 5-6cm. Then when fitting the pelmet in place, fold back the returns and tuck them into the recess where they ensure a snug fit.

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