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All curtain makers know to use a metal tape measure when measuring windows, but they’re not always easy to manage single-handed or on large windows.

You might have heard of laser measures and think they’re expensive — but for around £30 you can buy a laser measure which fits in your bag or pocket and can measure up to 15m.

These are really easy to use — you simply place the base against the window recess or sill, and check you can see the red dot of the laser on the opposite side. The LCD digital display then clearly and accurately shows the distance, and with the press of the button you have ‘locked’ it, ready to note it down. It is really quick and easy to take measurements at various points across the window to check for any irregularity you may need to allow for.

They are accurate to +/- 3mm and are ideal when you are surveying large windows, patio doors etc. that are hard to check accurately with a metal tape, or for situations where you need to measure floor to ceiling.

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